Secure360 is the only automotive security camera that records in 360 degrees, whether you’re in the car or not, securing the truth to protect you from misinformation.


Secure360 is also a total car security solution that blends multiple sensing technologies to see trouble, anticipate risks and capture events whether you’re in the car or away from it for an extended period of time.


Working best when paired with the Waylens Secure app puts you in control. Access video data. Add highlights. Upload video to the cloud. Choose from multiple viewing modes of video evidence to see the full story. The Secure360 app puts you in control of how you view your videos. Watch and control 360° video in the immersive panoramic view by swiping the screen in the app. See everything happening at once in split-screen mode, which shows an interior and exterior 180° view.


Intelligent Design that does the thinking for you, the Secure360 packs amazing technology into

a beautiful low-profile design. 



Advanced HDR engine with multi-exposure fusion and motion artifact reduction provide crystal clear video.

The Secure360 is an all-new automotive security camera that captures the truth during your drive and protects your vehicle while parked for up to 15 days. If trouble happens while you're away, notifications are sent directly to your smartphone and capture video is toes in the cloud automatically. The absolute truth of any accidents, close calls, break-ins or other events near your vehicle are captured and preserved for your in high definition video.


Protect your driving record and your vehicle with the Waylens Secure360 automotive security camera.

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